(1) STEP

Since ancient times, astrology has been used to provide extraordinary insights into an individual’s personal character and destined karmic path. In some special instances, it has successfully been used to help people avoid predestined negative Karmic Outcomes.

By combining two ancient arts – astrology and Voodoo Magick – a gifted Voodai Warrior Priestess will use her formidable VOODOO MAGICK to infuse your Virooki Symbol with the requisite cosmic energy to assist you with manifesting your most Cherished Desires. 

So if you would like more COURAGE, SELF –DEFENSE and CONFIDENCE. Or, you need an increase in FAITH to HELP YOU positively work through a troubling situation; you can request that one of our Warrior Priestess’ cast a Voodai Zodiac Sigil Spell on your behalf.

With the knowledge of your birth date in hand, a Voodai Warrior Priestess will be able to connect and learn more about you as well as become one with you. She will be able to see into the real you, the DEEPLY FEMININE you, the vulnerable you that you only allow few people to see.  With this connection, as well as the use of her extraordinary VOODOO MAGICK, a Voodai Warrior Priestess, will begin the ATTUNEMENT PROCESS and link your aura’s natural vibration to the Goddess Kali’s—NOT BORN cosmic energies. ENERGIES, I MIGHT ADD, that are contained in the sigil makeup of the Vooriki Symbol.


However, before you do, you must first CHOOSE the VOORIKI SYMBOL THAT CORRESPONDS WITH YOUR SPECIFIC BIRTH SIGN. Please see below:

Your sign along with your specific astrological karmic vibration, defines YOU as a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL with a VERY SPECIFIC CHARACTER and PERSONALITY TRAITS.

With this intimate knowledge of you, a Voodai Warrior Priestess can/will forge an intimate bond with you, essentially “melding” with you. Then she will concentrate her formidable Voodoo Powers on your specific request.

Choose your sign above and jump-start your quest for energetic balance to successfully achieve your most sought after goals.  All we need is your place of birth, your birth date, and time of birth, (if available)


 (2) STEP

An aura or human energy field is, according to ancient lore, a multicolored emanation or silhouette thought to encompass human and/or animals bodies, or basic material structures of objects inhabiting the earth or known universe.

YOU, as well as every other living being, have an aura –-a multicolored emanation or silhouette surrounding your material body.

YOUR aura contains YOUR KARMIC RECORD.  As such, your aura defines your past, your present, and your future.  It determines whether you will end up lonely and isolated, or surrounded by many cherished friends, lovers, or loved ones.  Your aura determines whether you will grow up to be timid and afraid, courageous and bold, lucky, or unlucky. It determines if you will have money worries or be able to amass great wealth.  Ultimately, your aura determines whether you will be frustrated, sad, successful, or happy.

An attuned aura, cleansed and reprogrammed, unencumbered by imperfections and lifetimes of psychic scars and emotional traumas, may allow for a curious transformation to take place in YOUR life.

However, if your aura is riddled with imperfections, you are unlikely to have the requisite and appropriate energy reserves to achieve your desired goals. The barriers that are present in a wounded aura will most certainly prevent you from achieving the happiness and success you so deserve.

Once your aura is cleansed, attuned, and reprogrammed – removing the imperfections and DARK CLOUDS that surround it – ONLY then can the ENERGIES of LOVE, COURAGE, and STRENGTH flow through your AURA to assist you in MANIFESTING the type of LIFE YOU truly DESIRE. Only then can you DISCOVER and UNLOCKED the tremendous KALI FORCE that resides within YOU!!!

“Your aura is like a cosmic fingerprint; it is completely unique and represents precisely who you really are. But unlike a fingerprint, a Voodai Warrior Priestess can CLEANSE and HEAL your AURA, REPROGRAM it – eliminating the CLOUDS, the DEFECTS, the NEGATIVES. The results could be startling: your life and your relationship with YOURSELF could be better than ever.

Once YOU place YOUR ORDER, and what you really desire is FIXED firmly in YOUR MIND, a Voodai Warrior Priestess WILL connect with your subconscious mind— she will exert her EXTRAORDINARY Voodoo magic, thus enabling YOU to avail YOURSELF of the Vooriki Symbol, to CREATE a MARVELOUS transformation in YOUR life.

Then, once YOUR article of clothing arrives, you need only take out its PACKAGE, PLACE YOUR HAND OVER THE VOORIKI SYMBOL, AND DO THE FOLLOWING:

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Only then can you discover and unlock the tremendous Kali force that resides within YOU!