The true virtue of the Voodai Priestess’s way is in allowing a woman to overcome all odds in daily life and helping her attain the closet state she can in being one with the Supreme Kali power before going into battle. The development of Goddess Consciousness is an ongoing thing. Each new experience continuously leads to new challenges.

To my Voodai Sisters, the descendants of Roe v. Wade, and the whole of all Womankind: On or about, November 30, 2018, a date which will forever be mired in Sexual Perversion and Corporate Scandal. Sisterhood was aghast at the sudden and shocking awareness that many of our sisters were systematically and maliciously sexually harassed and discriminated against by CEO’s and other male employees working for big Corporations.

This surreptitious sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and, RACISM inflicted upon these woman, sisters, and daughters has caused severe Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual Damage—to women of all races, nationalities, and creeds. I regret to tell you that many of our sister’s Spirits have been Broken. In addition, many of our sisters have yet to overcome the Negative Reverberations of these Traumatizing events.

As the Commander and Chief High Priestess of Yoga’s True Warrior Class, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense. But always, will our Sisters, remember the Character of the Onslaught Against Us. No matter how long it will take us, to overcome this premeditated and creepy incursion, the bulk of womankind in her Righteous Might will Win through to Absolute Victory.

I ask that Woman-kind declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by male CEO’s and employees, for many years, and behind sisterhood’s back , a state of WAR has existed between Womankind and these Corporations.

The Voodai way cannot be learned through frivolous imitation of toxic masculine pissing contest or for a position as a CEO of a male owned corporation or being able to play male focused sports. It can only be released where physical death or rape is the only reality. 

Meditate and connect with me, my daughters.  And together, we will teach your sisters only one reality, WAR.